God’s Gift

Watering flowers

I have spoken before about playthings. You may wonder what I meant by that expression.

In this world that you made up, you believe that you have control over the things around you. You believe that you can manipulate the little atoms and molecules and make the objects perform according to your will. Let me tell you the truth. This is not the way the world works. The Will of God is the only thing that matters.

When you want a drink of water, you think that you must go to get a drink. But let me tell you the truth. I am working through you for the good of All.

I give you all that you ask, but do you know why? It is because I know that you will go further in your journey to Love. This little task of getting a drink is the first step of awareness of what Love means:

I give you gifts so that you may know that I love you. This is my Will.