One Thought

Cascading Stream under Sunlight in Forest

Greetings unto you, my dear friend! I am here with you to help you on your journey. This is the guidance you need: when you go into the world, remember that this is not the first time you have asked what to do. The answer lies within you.

There is a tiny beam of light that shows you the way. Search for the light, and you will know what to do and where to go. There is no thinking involved; there is no understanding. This is about following.

You have free will to follow me, but you do not have free will to decide what to do. This I decide for you.

You think that your day is made up of things to accomplish, like eating and sleeping. But these are only the preoccupations of a distracted mind.

Hold me in your mind, and we are connected. This is the holiest of thoughts. There is one thought, and this is your Source.