Forgive Your Self

You cannot change the past. The past never was real. It is gone, leaving only your interpretation of it. It is this interpretation that you replay over and over in your mind, hoping for a change. That you are holding on to something that doesn’t exist, means that you are dissatisfied with the outcome, wishing that things had turned out differently.

But what did turn out, was what needed to happen; it was written long before you were born. Your wish to change what happened is a spotlight for forgiveness. The people in the past are long gone; the situation is no more. What needs to be forgiven is your Self.

Forgive the fact that you ever believed you were imperfect. This illusion of imperfection needs to be changed, to be shined clean with the healing power of Love.

Know this, the highest words I give you:

You are loved and you are perfect.