Question: Do you have to be Christian to get the full benefits of the Course?

Answer: No. If you consider yourself to be a gnostic, a seeker of truth in all forms of religions and spiritual based philosophies, perhaps the Course could add something to your life.

ACIM is a new spirituality, more of a spiritual psychology, that reframes your thinking. It was channeled to a psychologist by Jesus, who wanted to help others understand their unity with the Divine. When Jesus was alive, he wanted to share the idea of unity, but after he died the church changed his message to be one of guilt and sin so they could exert control. The terms normally used in Christian and Catholic religions are redefined, so they mean something entirely different. The terms are redefined in the section at the back of ACIM, called “Clarification of Terms,” which can be accessed free on the web.

So, you don’t have to be a traditional Christian, because under the new definition, Christ is the Universal Consciousness of Love, which is our true reality. We are all part of Eternal Love or the Oneness of God.

Question: When going through the workbook how do you know you are doing the exercises right? Or is it I will just feel it resonating from within?

Answer: Yes, your intuition will tell you. You’ll “know” and like you said, “feel it resonating from within.” Your soul knows truth when it sees it! Lol.

Question: I was wondering if you have an online ACIM group? I stopped reading the text because I became so conflicted with it. I feel like I am not understanding it.

Answer: I don’t have any ACIM groups. I do one-on-one facilitating of ACIM courses. It is set up to be a self-study course, so you can do the workbook at your own pace.

ACIM is a spiritual psychology, so it tends to resonate with those who like to analyze rather than heart based people. It’s just one path. Marianne Williamson or Gabrielle Bernstein books may be more your style.

It’s ok to take a different path and even to change your path when you’ve outgrown it. Sometimes you just need to follow your own inner truth. It can be difficult when everyone else is trending ACIM, but that’s just their views. I support you in standing in your own inner light and speaking your truth. That’s what’s important. Love to you.