Forgive Your Self

You cannot change the past. The past never was real. It is gone, leaving only your interpretation of it. It is this interpretation that you replay over and over in your mind, hoping for a change. That you are holding on to something that doesn’t exist, means that you are dissatisfied with the outcome, wishing that things had turned out differently.

But what did turn out, was what needed to happen; it was written long before you were born. Your wish to change what happened is a spotlight for forgiveness. The people in the past are long gone; the situation is no more. What needs to be forgiven is your Self.

Forgive the fact that you ever believed you were imperfect. This illusion of imperfection needs to be changed, to be shined clean with the healing power of Love.

Know this, the highest words I give you:

You are loved and you are perfect.


The Path to Peace


When you feel lost and alone, remember that God is always with you. I have not abandoned you. You may believe that what you see and hear is the truth. But it is just a shadow in your mind. All that you perceive is a story of your life, and you can choose to live it or turn away toward the Light.

The Guide to Love will lead you on the path to true happiness. Never forget the Guide who looks after you and brings you peace. Follow me now and be at peace.

When you imagine the worst, this is the time to realize your truth, and go toward the path of forgiveness.

All is not lost. I will lead the way out of the storm to the Light.

What Forgiveness Is

Butterfly Discovery

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is oneness. It is the erasing of all that you thought was real.

Do you know when you were a child, and you used to say, “Let’s pretend?” Then your mother called, and it was time to go home. This is forgiveness.

It is the game of pretending to believe something that distracted you for a while, and then it was time to go home.

Peace comes when you understand that nothing exists, as you believe it. It is make believe, a game that you play and get lost in and wander about.

The love in your heart is always with you. It never forgets who you are. You can return to your place of birth and know who you are. The birth place of the spirit is where you live. It is your home, and you have left the dream.