What Is Real?


What is real? Real is when you don’t have to decide or judge, you just know that it is true. Real doesn’t need to show off or hide. Real is what belongs to you in truth; it never changes and never leaves.

Love is the only truth that is real.

It is ever lasting and never separates, seeing only what is true.

Do you remember as a child, looking at your reflection in a glass, and you wondered, “Which one of me is real?” You played this game with yourself, imagining that the other image was alive. But when you got older, you knew that there was only one that was real. The image in the glass was only a reflection of your true Self.

If there is a question about what is real, then it is only an imitation. Real needs no questions for it is whole in itself.

It is All That Is.


What Karma Is

Road Through Forest

Karma is the game of pretending that something you believe matters and that it has repercussions. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean and all that you imagined is no more.

Fear is the instrument of karma. If you are afraid, you will fear the repercussions of your actions and will be punished and go through another round of learning.

Love is the key to erasing all fear, and oneness is the light at the end of the tunnel.

You never have to worry about losing your way nor about guilt when you are at home in Love. God is the Light and the Way. When you have found God, you are at home and at peace. All that you believed is dissolved, and Light has taken its place.

What Forgiveness Is

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What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is oneness. It is the erasing of all that you thought was real.

Do you know when you were a child, and you used to say, “Let’s pretend?” Then your mother called, and it was time to go home. This is forgiveness.

It is the game of pretending to believe something that distracted you for a while, and then it was time to go home.

Peace comes when you understand that nothing exists, as you believe it. It is make believe, a game that you play and get lost in and wander about.

The love in your heart is always with you. It never forgets who you are. You can return to your place of birth and know who you are. The birth place of the spirit is where you live. It is your home, and you have left the dream.