What Time Is


Time is an abstract thought. It does not exist except in your mind. What can you do with time? Can you touch it? Can you play with it? You are lost without time.

Time is a falsity of thinking. You think that time works forward but not in reverse. Time is but a plaything to use for your adventures of learning.

I know how to manipulate time to your advantage. You never have to worry about money or thoughts of acquiring things. It will all be provided to you at the appropriate time.

Time is but used to separate and judge. It is used for attack and follows a path of anger and hatred against yourself. The body was meant to use time for separation. You cannot separate from God. God is the light within you.

Time is but a thought you hold in your mind. When you have no thought, you have no thought of yourself. You become like a drop of water merging with the ocean.