What God Sees

Sky at Sunset

What does God see? God sees you as pure, whole Light that never dies. Death is but a myth that you have conjured up to help the body live. You think that it is alive, as you play a game, believing that death is real. You use the body for learning, but it is only a tool. When you go out into the world, you can imagine that you are living a life of sadness and despair. This is not life but death.

Whenever you think of yourself as a separate body, you have died already. Idolize the body and you worship death. The eternal peace you seek is the Light within you that never dies.

You can suffer and choose to become separate from the whole.

But when you look at what is real, you can choose again, and see only Love.

God alone is Truth, and Love will guide you and keep you close to your Source.

What Time Is


Time is an abstract thought. It does not exist except in your mind. What can you do with time? Can you touch it? Can you play with it? You are lost without time.

Time is a falsity of thinking. You think that time works forward but not in reverse. Time is but a plaything to use for your adventures of learning.

I know how to manipulate time to your advantage. You never have to worry about money or thoughts of acquiring things. It will all be provided to you at the appropriate time.

Time is but used to separate and judge. It is used for attack and follows a path of anger and hatred against yourself. The body was meant to use time for separation. You cannot separate from God. God is the light within you.

Time is but a thought you hold in your mind. When you have no thought, you have no thought of yourself. You become like a drop of water merging with the ocean. 

What Karma Is

Road Through Forest

Karma is the game of pretending that something you believe matters and that it has repercussions. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean and all that you imagined is no more.

Fear is the instrument of karma. If you are afraid, you will fear the repercussions of your actions and will be punished and go through another round of learning.

Love is the key to erasing all fear, and oneness is the light at the end of the tunnel.

You never have to worry about losing your way nor about guilt when you are at home in Love. God is the Light and the Way. When you have found God, you are at home and at peace. All that you believed is dissolved, and Light has taken its place.

What Truth Is

Field of Sunflowers

What is Truth? It is the shining Light, out in the darkness. It is the love in your heart that is never ending. It does not abandon. It is strong and everlasting, holding fast to life.

Truth is loving. It is oneness. What happens to one, happens to all. It is Love that is gentle and kind.

Truth is naked and free; it is open and allowing. It does not need to hide; it never judges and it never hates.

Truth is you.

Where Love Is

Garden Path and Gate

What is Love? It is the complete surrender to God.

Where do you want to go? Do you have a home? Home is the place where you feel safe. God is your home; He will keep you safe.

Peace will bring comfort to you, but you do not want happiness. You like to suffer, and so, you keep creating fiction and stray far from your home. You can find happiness when you seek the love that is with you always. Love is in your heart; it is in your mind.

Wherever you go, Love is.

It will keep you safe, because you are Love. And you are home.

What Trust Is

Tall Green Tree

You do not know what trust is. Trust is the complete letting go of what you think matters to you. It is surrender to the Source of all, allowing love in, and not questioning what is to come.

I will show you trust. It is in the flowers that grow up to the heavens and the trees that spread their branches to the sky. It is the love that is in all.

You, who do not know what trust is, think that it is holding on and then letting go, to be held on again. But trust is no more about holding on.

It is the complete surrender to God.

Only Truth Will Satisfy

Poppies in a Meadow

Peace be with you. Now is the time of the great coming. I will walk with you to the end of time.

Know you not of fear. Do you know what fear is? It is the meager way of a small mind to grasp and get what it wants. It cannot hold on, so it keeps seeking and will not find. It has lost its way. Fear does not satisfy for it has nothing it wants. What it really wants is to feel the need of loss.

If you really want to feel satisfied, you must know the truth of full love and and go where the truth is. God is the light and the way.

Only the truth will satisfy the craving for wholeness and love, to be complete and at one with everything, to be at peace.

There you will find your joy. And you will never want again.

The Power of the Word

California Poppies and Gazanias

The power of the word will heal all ailments. You will know when you are healed when you can look into the face of God and not turn away. This is the time of the great coming when you can sit still and be blessed to be one with all.

Let this be your sword to cut all hatred and light the way to invite love in:

I love you.

Let this be your sword. Let this be your light. Know that you are safe forever more.