Love is Your Blessing

Autumn Harvest

Look to me to guide you. Walk with me on your path. Find the Blessing I have waiting for you. It is not hidden, but you cannot see it with your eyes nor hear it with your ears.

It is ancient knowledge that you already know. It is the Love in your heart. This is your Blessing.

Do you wonder at why things are the way they are? Do you not realize, they are of your own making? You, with your holy mind, have created this playground. Appearances can be deceiving, but only Love is real.

I guide you on your journey back to truth. While you believe you are here, you can do no wrong with me by your side. Remember me when you are lost. I am always with you; I am here to guide you back to Love.


Expand Your Heart

Flower Heart

There is a question as to what happens to the individual soul after the body dies. The soul is a marvelous thing. It is your connection to Spirit. If you can let go of separate thinking, your soul will merge with Spirit and experience oneness. This is the main goal of the soul.

When you are still in the body, you are learning that the body is a tool for you to remember your true nature. Your thoughts are the link to Spirit. Allow your thoughts to connect you with the truth.

When you hold a limiting thought in your mind, you are blocking the flow of Love. Expand your awareness to Love, and you are free. You can do anything you want, because you are safe in the arms of Love.

The center of your heart is where I am.

Expand your heart to Love, and you remember Me. This is all you need to do.

What Forgiveness Is

Butterfly Discovery

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is oneness. It is the erasing of all that you thought was real.

Do you know when you were a child, and you used to say, “Let’s pretend?” Then your mother called, and it was time to go home. This is forgiveness.

It is the game of pretending to believe something that distracted you for a while, and then it was time to go home.

Peace comes when you understand that nothing exists, as you believe it. It is make believe, a game that you play and get lost in and wander about.

The love in your heart is always with you. It never forgets who you are. You can return to your place of birth and know who you are. The birth place of the spirit is where you live. It is your home, and you have left the dream.