Love is All There Is

Blossoms in Sunshine

I am the Light of your soul. Without me, you are nothing. To remember me, you must go within. Forget the outside world a little while. I am not there; I am in your heart.

What you must remember is that I will never leave you. This is important, because you seem to think that you are lost and afraid of the unknown. Do you realize that you are All That There Is? You have all the knowledge within you.

I will guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is all you want. Forget the novelties of the world. They are just playthings you use to forget about me. Once you remember me, you will not want these playthings again. They will seem just a trifle compared with the abundance that you are.

This is the truth:

Love is your guide. When you feel Love, this is the path to take. Love will guide you to me. Love will guide you to your Self. Love is All There Is.


Food For Your Journey

Sunlight Shining Through Forest

When you are connected to Spirit, there is a subtle cord that runs from the spiritual plane to the physical. It provides food for your journey. It is the nourishment of Love. It brings you closer to your Self.

When you are feeling alone, this cord is weak, but when you are one with All, this cord is strong.

I can tell you what to give to the world through this cord.

It is the voice of Heaven saying, “I love you.”

What more can you want but this? There is only Love, and this is the truth.