Be Love

Couple on Beach

Imagine what can happen when you appreciate the flow of Love from one person to the next. Love has the power to change lives. What you once thought was impossible is now easy and free, with the power of Love behind it.

I say to you, “Go out, and show the world your power! You are the embodiment of Love.”

There is no question as to how it can be done. You are the power and the glory. You only have to ask for Love to flow through you, and it will be done.

I give you my all-encompassing joy to live this truth. You have no need of anything else. All other problems fade away. You are one with All, and you are at peace.


Only Truth Will Satisfy

Poppies in a Meadow

Peace be with you. Now is the time of the great coming. I will walk with you to the end of time.

Know you not of fear. Do you know what fear is? It is the meager way of a small mind to grasp and get what it wants. It cannot hold on, so it keeps seeking and will not find. It has lost its way. Fear does not satisfy for it has nothing it wants. What it really wants is to feel the need of loss.

If you really want to feel satisfied, you must know the truth of full love and and go where the truth is. God is the light and the way.

Only the truth will satisfy the craving for wholeness and love, to be complete and at one with everything, to be at peace.

There you will find your joy. And you will never want again.

Shine Your Light

Light Streaming Through the Crown of a Tree

We shine the light that will show us the way to peace and happiness. Today, let your light shine out into the darkness. You are the messenger of good tidings and joy.

Be at peace with your Self. I am here to protect you always. If you must know the truth of who you are, just ask, and it will be revealed to you.

This you must know already:

I am with you until the end of time.