What Oneness Is

Pink Petals

What is oneness? Oneness is the knowing that you are not alone but all one. There is no separation between things and minds.

When I take you to ultimate Joy, you know that there is no other. When you remember you are one with All, there is no fear. You are All There Is.

Beingness is what you are. Think you not that you are the body, for this is an error. Love is your truth. Love is your guide. This is the oneness that you are. When you feel Love, you are connected to All There Is.

Before you came to this world you were One. Then, you knew that there was no thing but Love. Love is your connection to your Source.

Know this:

Love is you, and you are Love.


One Thought

Cascading Stream under Sunlight in Forest

Greetings unto you, my dear friend! I am here with you to help you on your journey. This is the guidance you need: when you go into the world, remember that this is not the first time you have asked what to do. The answer lies within you.

There is a tiny beam of light that shows you the way. Search for the light, and you will know what to do and where to go. There is no thinking involved; there is no understanding. This is about following.

You have free will to follow me, but you do not have free will to decide what to do. This I decide for you.

You think that your day is made up of things to accomplish, like eating and sleeping. But these are only the preoccupations of a distracted mind.

Hold me in your mind, and we are connected. This is the holiest of thoughts. There is one thought, and this is your Source.

Love is Your Blessing

Autumn Harvest

Look to me to guide you. Walk with me on your path. Find the Blessing I have waiting for you. It is not hidden, but you cannot see it with your eyes nor hear it with your ears.

It is ancient knowledge that you already know. It is the Love in your heart. This is your Blessing.

Do you wonder at why things are the way they are? Do you not realize, they are of your own making? You, with your holy mind, have created this playground. Appearances can be deceiving, but only Love is real.

I guide you on your journey back to truth. While you believe you are here, you can do no wrong with me by your side. Remember me when you are lost. I am always with you; I am here to guide you back to Love.

What Trust Is

Tall Green Tree

You do not know what trust is. Trust is the complete letting go of what you think matters to you. It is surrender to the Source of all, allowing love in, and not questioning what is to come.

I will show you trust. It is in the flowers that grow up to the heavens and the trees that spread their branches to the sky. It is the love that is in all.

You, who do not know what trust is, think that it is holding on and then letting go, to be held on again. But trust is no more about holding on.

It is the complete surrender to God.