What Oneness Is

Pink Petals

What is oneness? Oneness is the knowing that you are not alone but all one. There is no separation between things and minds.

When I take you to ultimate Joy, you know that there is no other. When you remember you are one with All, there is no fear. You are All There Is.

Beingness is what you are. Think you not that you are the body, for this is an error. Love is your truth. Love is your guide. This is the oneness that you are. When you feel Love, you are connected to All There Is.

Before you came to this world you were One. Then, you knew that there was no thing but Love. Love is your connection to your Source.

Know this:

Love is you, and you are Love.


God’s Gift

Watering flowers

I have spoken before about playthings. You may wonder what I meant by that expression.

In this world that you made up, you believe that you have control over the things around you. You believe that you can manipulate the little atoms and molecules and make the objects perform according to your will. Let me tell you the truth. This is not the way the world works. The Will of God is the only thing that matters.

When you want a drink of water, you think that you must go to get a drink. But let me tell you the truth. I am working through you for the good of All.

I give you all that you ask, but do you know why? It is because I know that you will go further in your journey to Love. This little task of getting a drink is the first step of awareness of what Love means:

I give you gifts so that you may know that I love you. This is my Will.

See Only Love


See only Love, for that is what you are. When you are tired and can’t go on, see only Love. When you are hurt and lost, see only Love. Love is the binding force that holds the world together.

You may think that you have control over your little life but that is just an illusion. Life is a force all its own. It does not need you to hold it together. So lay down your shields and your swords. There is no need to fight any longer. You can breathe a sigh of relief that it is not you who commands the earth to spin and the stars to shine. If you but knew your true worth, your true capacity for love, you would know that you are the stars and the sun and the moon.

You are so much more than what you see with your little eye.

You are Love itself, which creates the sky and untold stories in which you play.

Now you can awaken from the dream and know the truth. You are Love.

Love is All There Is

Blossoms in Sunshine

I am the Light of your soul. Without me, you are nothing. To remember me, you must go within. Forget the outside world a little while. I am not there; I am in your heart.

What you must remember is that I will never leave you. This is important, because you seem to think that you are lost and afraid of the unknown. Do you realize that you are All That There Is? You have all the knowledge within you.

I will guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is all you want. Forget the novelties of the world. They are just playthings you use to forget about me. Once you remember me, you will not want these playthings again. They will seem just a trifle compared with the abundance that you are.

This is the truth:

Love is your guide. When you feel Love, this is the path to take. Love will guide you to me. Love will guide you to your Self. Love is All There Is.

Food For Your Journey

Sunlight Shining Through Forest

When you are connected to Spirit, there is a subtle cord that runs from the spiritual plane to the physical. It provides food for your journey. It is the nourishment of Love. It brings you closer to your Self.

When you are feeling alone, this cord is weak, but when you are one with All, this cord is strong.

I can tell you what to give to the world through this cord.

It is the voice of Heaven saying, “I love you.”

What more can you want but this? There is only Love, and this is the truth.

Be Love

Couple on Beach

Imagine what can happen when you appreciate the flow of Love from one person to the next. Love has the power to change lives. What you once thought was impossible is now easy and free, with the power of Love behind it.

I say to you, “Go out, and show the world your power! You are the embodiment of Love.”

There is no question as to how it can be done. You are the power and the glory. You only have to ask for Love to flow through you, and it will be done.

I give you my all-encompassing joy to live this truth. You have no need of anything else. All other problems fade away. You are one with All, and you are at peace.

Expand Your Heart

Flower Heart

There is a question as to what happens to the individual soul after the body dies. The soul is a marvelous thing. It is your connection to Spirit. If you can let go of separate thinking, your soul will merge with Spirit and experience oneness. This is the main goal of the soul.

When you are still in the body, you are learning that the body is a tool for you to remember your true nature. Your thoughts are the link to Spirit. Allow your thoughts to connect you with the truth.

When you hold a limiting thought in your mind, you are blocking the flow of Love. Expand your awareness to Love, and you are free. You can do anything you want, because you are safe in the arms of Love.

The center of your heart is where I am.

Expand your heart to Love, and you remember Me. This is all you need to do.

The Path to Peace


When you feel lost and alone, remember that God is always with you. I have not abandoned you. You may believe that what you see and hear is the truth. But it is just a shadow in your mind. All that you perceive is a story of your life, and you can choose to live it or turn away toward the Light.

The Guide to Love will lead you on the path to true happiness. Never forget the Guide who looks after you and brings you peace. Follow me now and be at peace.

When you imagine the worst, this is the time to realize your truth, and go toward the path of forgiveness.

All is not lost. I will lead the way out of the storm to the Light.

What God Sees

Sky at Sunset

What does God see? God sees you as pure, whole Light that never dies. Death is but a myth that you have conjured up to help the body live. You think that it is alive, as you play a game, believing that death is real. You use the body for learning, but it is only a tool. When you go out into the world, you can imagine that you are living a life of sadness and despair. This is not life but death.

Whenever you think of yourself as a separate body, you have died already. Idolize the body and you worship death. The eternal peace you seek is the Light within you that never dies.

You can suffer and choose to become separate from the whole.

But when you look at what is real, you can choose again, and see only Love.

God alone is Truth, and Love will guide you and keep you close to your Source.

What Is Real?


What is real? Real is when you don’t have to decide or judge, you just know that it is true. Real doesn’t need to show off or hide. Real is what belongs to you in truth; it never changes and never leaves.

Love is the only truth that is real.

It is ever lasting and never separates, seeing only what is true.

Do you remember as a child, looking at your reflection in a glass, and you wondered, “Which one of me is real?” You played this game with yourself, imagining that the other image was alive. But when you got older, you knew that there was only one that was real. The image in the glass was only a reflection of your true Self.

If there is a question about what is real, then it is only an imitation. Real needs no questions for it is whole in itself.

It is All That Is.