Forgive Your Self

You cannot change the past. The past never was real. It is gone, leaving only your interpretation of it. It is this interpretation that you replay over and over in your mind, hoping for a change. That you are holding on to something that doesn’t exist, means that you are dissatisfied with the outcome, wishing that things had turned out differently.

But what did turn out, was what needed to happen; it was written long before you were born. Your wish to change what happened is a spotlight for forgiveness. The people in the past are long gone; the situation is no more. What needs to be forgiven is your Self.

Forgive the fact that you ever believed you were imperfect. This illusion of imperfection needs to be changed, to be shined clean with the healing power of Love.

Know this, the highest words I give you:

You are loved and you are perfect.


What Is Real?


What is real? Real is when you don’t have to decide or judge, you just know that it is true. Real doesn’t need to show off or hide. Real is what belongs to you in truth; it never changes and never leaves.

Love is the only truth that is real.

It is ever lasting and never separates, seeing only what is true.

Do you remember as a child, looking at your reflection in a glass, and you wondered, “Which one of me is real?” You played this game with yourself, imagining that the other image was alive. But when you got older, you knew that there was only one that was real. The image in the glass was only a reflection of your true Self.

If there is a question about what is real, then it is only an imitation. Real needs no questions for it is whole in itself.

It is All That Is.

Shine Your Light

Light Streaming Through the Crown of a Tree

We shine the light that will show us the way to peace and happiness. Today, let your light shine out into the darkness. You are the messenger of good tidings and joy.

Be at peace with your Self. I am here to protect you always. If you must know the truth of who you are, just ask, and it will be revealed to you.

This you must know already:

I am with you until the end of time.